What I did in Denmark #3

Ate a LOT of soft ice with chocolate sprinkles… This is delicious, unless you choose the liquorice sprinkles option, which is truly disgusting, and should not be allowed. p.s. do you see how good my nails are looking in this picture? I used a birthday manicure gift certificate the day before we left for holiday….

What I did in Denmark #2

Went to church on Sunday morning in a ROUND church… There are four of these round churches on Bornholm. Actually four out of the five in all of Denmark I believe, so the islanders are very proud of that fact. This one is called Ă˜sterlars and is the largest of the four. As we were…

What I did in Denmark #1

I ate smoked herring. This is one of Bornholm’s specialities, which I had heard MUCH about. After church on Sunday we went to Gudhjem on the north east coast, bought us some herring and sat down by the harbour with our Pinse Beers, black bread and butter, and ate. It was delicious!! Afterwards we wandered…

giggly girls

So I left the best of my Bangladesh experiences till last. Actually it is quite hard to pick any one experience as the best because it was just an eye-opening, humbling, motivating trip. But the two days I spent at the Baptist Mission Integrated School in Dhaka sneaked in there at the number 1 spot….

a woman’s burden

Monday 23rd, Nilphamari and Giabandha (northern Bangladesh) “The last two days I have spent with The Leprosy Mission, visiting their hospital and vocational training centre in Nilphamari yesterday, and seeing their Integration work at a government hospital in Giabandha. The TLM hospital is a place of peace, an oasis of calm and beauty in this…