found treasure #2

A few more things I’ve found online recently that have stayed with me. First up, this sweet video…


Cleaning my Cup, by Kelley Nikondeha

“Here’s the thing… leaning into the weightier matters of justice involves some invisible work. I need to address my own prejudices, repent of my own judgments, pluck out the splinters obstructing my own vision – and the logs, too. I need the quiet places where I can sit, listen and maybe hear the Spirit blow by. The sight of my own complicity in systemic sins might make me weep.”

Kelley is one of my favourite deep thinkers and this certainly had me pondering how often I jump into shouting about change needed and where I see injustice out there, without inspecting my own heart first.


Archbishop of Canterbury offers monastic gap year at Lambeth Palace, on The Telegraph

“In a major break with tradition, the Archbishop is inviting 16 young people to move into the 800-year-old palace by Thames, opposite the Houses of Parliament, for a year. They will form a new monastic community, living by the principles of the Rule of St Benedict which prescribes a daily round of prayer and silence as well as work.”

Ohmygoodness. If I was in a place in my life where this was remotely possible I would leap at the chance!


The Top 7 Reasons Why You’re Mom-Shaming, by Kim Simon on Scary Mommy

“The Mommy Wars are collapsing our confidence one snarky Facebook comment at a time. We are breaking each other down because we’re crumbling inside, our pre-motherhood identity slowly disintegrating under the weight of the laundry, the groceries, and the thirty thousand jackets and sand toys and leaky sippee cups that our kids have left in the car. Motherhood is hard. So why are we so cruel to each other?”

I like to pretend the Mommy Wars is something that other less-mature women engage in. But in my more honest moments, I know I’m not immune – or innocent. This is an insightful article trying to really understand the why behind this phenomenon. It helps me identify my own weak areas, as well as maybe having a little more empathy for other Mamas when I see them engage with weapons drawn…


For When It’s Too Late to Turn Back, by Bethany Suckrow

“There is this hard, messy part of every adventure that no one wants to talk about. The part where you realize that you are very far away from home, and you’re really on your own. The part where your expectations meet reality. The part where it gets frustrating and expensive. The part where the plans you make collapse into one another like a stack of dominoes. The part where you have to tell yourself, “it’s too late to turn back now.” The part where you say a few swears because you’re scared.”

This struck a chord with me as a new mama (although she’s writing in a different context). I’ve found myself looking down at my sweet girl and thinking, Shit, there’s no going back now. And it’s like Bethany says: it’s not that I regret this, it’s just crazy hard and scary and new some days.


What have you read recently that stayed with you?