found treasure

Writing doesn’t happen to frequently these days. My head is still filled with thoughts and ideas and plans, but finding a moment long enough to write them down, sit with them, let them simmer on the page – those moments are few and far between, and then I also have to chose between writing and napping.

But although this blog might be somewhat neglected, I am reading a lot. In the long hours of feeding and rocking and feeding again, I launch myself into the interwebs, one-handed, and discover articles and posts and writers who teach me and inspire me and make me laugh. Sometimes it’s the wee hours of the morning when I’ll read something that takes my breath away or makes me want to pause everything to find out more.

So I thought I might occasionally share those findings here. They won’t always be up to date links – I often find myself way back in the archives of whatever website I’m on – but even if my own writing will take longer to be ready, I can offer the treasure I’ve found elsewhere and that way we can enjoy them together…

I was all ready to make a weekly commitment and then I remembered what I just wrote about expectations and rethought that. They’ll be here when they’re here.

Validating Each Other’s Stories, by Claire De Boer for SheLoves
“I think my story represents many people who aren’t rising to be fully themselves. People who remain silent and feel unseen. They are the people who fall through the cracks because their story isn’t hard enough. As a society we idolize success and we cradle those who suffer, but the people in between often remain unseen.”

There was a lot I could identify with here. Helping people embrace and live out their best story is something I get so excited about, but it’s often hard for me to feel like my own story is worth telling. Claire’s words are always encouraging, these especially so. (SheLoves’ whole week on Mentoring is worth a read).

Thoughts on Depression, Suicide and Being a Christian, by Nish Weiseth
“Folks, saying someone is depressed or suicidal because they aren’t praying enough, are self-absorbed, sinful, or don’t have a deep enough faith? It’s abusive. And it needs to stop. Now.”

After the sad news of Robin Williams’ suicide, I read some vulnerable, wise and helpful posts from a number of Christian bloggers who’ve dealt with depression and/or addiction. This was one of them.

Our Father in Heaven, Mystery Beyond Knowing: A Prayer of Abundance, by Lacy
“Instead of just a magic trick, it’s a gesture of abundance, generosity, and enough (and then some). And it’s a testament to the gesture of the Divine toward us. Not like the prosperity gospel, though, where faithfulness is rewarded with a flashy car and a mansion. Instead, God shows generosity through nourishment (in the case of this passage, literally) and offers abundance through things that bring lasting life—body, mind, and soul.”

I discovered Lacy at A Sacred Journey sometime in the last few weeks and I think I’ve read just about everything on her website since then. Her writings on pilgrimage and everyday intentional faith speak straight to my heart. This was one of her posts that stayed on my mind days after I read it.

Vicky Beeching, Christian rock star ‘I’m gay. God loves me just the way I am’, by Patrick Strudwick for The Independent.
“In hospital a few weeks later, Beeching made a vow. “I looked at my arm with the chemotherapy needle poking out, I looked at my life, and thought, ‘I have to come to terms with who I am.'” She gave herself a goal: to come out by the time she was 35. “Thirty-five is half a life,” she says, sadly. “I can’t lose the other half. I’ve lost so much living as a shadow of a person.””

I first discovered Vicky through her music many years ago. More recently, I’ve followed her on twitter and been impressed by her wisdom and perspective on many current events and church issues. Last week she came out, and it was brave and strong to do so. I wish her peace and joy and continued courage now that her sexuality is public knowledge.

An Open Letter to New Mama Me, by Beth Woolsey on the Huffington Post
“Welcome to the land of Both/And, lady; both crushed with love for this new little life and breathless with the loss of yourself. Parenting is relentless no matter how you arrive there. Oh, New Mama. You will feel beaten, sometimes every minute, but I promise you, you will not stay down. You are a woman and you are just beginning to learn how very strong you are.”

This is the post that made me cry, that I’ve read multiple times, that inspired me to stop and consider what I needed to tell myself (which inspired my own letter yesterday). Motherhood is hard and it can be so lonely. I’m incredibly grateful for the few women who’ve made it their mission to get me through this time. Their texts and messages and gifts are what keep me going many days.

And finally, just so you don’t think all the things I find online in the midnight hours are deep and meaningful (although this did kinda make me cry too…).