baking fun

I got to spend a wonderful 24 hours this weekend with Hannah, one of my best friends from Uni. Friday night we found a fantastic restaurant on Place Chatelain and Rasmus and I ordered the same thing from the long menu without my realising until the plates arrived. This is because both our French is so bad that we do the “point-to-order” move in restaurants 🙂 But that’s fine coz it was yummy – tuna steaks with caramelised red onions and lots of baby spinach. Tasty and healthy!

Saturday I decided to rope Hannah into my daring baker plans for the month. Unfortunately we spent a fruitless half an hour in the supermarket trying to find the American ingredient we need this month (can’t tell you anything about it until 27th!) so we had to compromise a little. Actually, we even struggled locating the eggs and chocolate in that supermarket so clearly they need to rethink their layout.

After a trip to the 10th floor of the parking garage to eat pastried and look at the view, a fun-filled few hours of baking did ensue, with Rasmus putting up admirably with us making a huge mess of his kitchen.

Sorry, no pics of our baking wonderfulness until 27th (the big reveal date for the daring bakers) but here’s a few to show the fun we were having!