Be Safe

Be Safe Guest post

Be safe. Be safe. Be safe.

These words have become my main prayer for the child growing steadily inside me. It’s what I wish to it in prenatal yoga class when our instructor gives us a moment to send the baby a message. It’s what I pray with every twinge, every uncomfortable stretch of ligaments as it begins to demand ever more space within me.

Last month I went on retreat to the north of England for four days. In the walled garden was a labyrinth, formed from raised turf and grass, its path winding slowly towards the centre. No way to get lost. Only space to perhaps find something – a thought or prayer – that was lost.

I stood at the entrance to the labyrinth for a good five minutes before I took my first step in. Then I walked slowly, reminding myself to breath, self-conscious in case one of the other residents should wander into the garden at that moment. I walked to the middle, encouraging my mind to be still when it started to dart off in a hundred directions, pulling my thoughts back with the help of my one word – dwell, dwell, dwell. Dwell here in this moment…


I’m happy to be guest posting over at the lovely Karen’s blog The River Into Words today. She and I “met” through Leigh’s monthly link ups when I noticed she was both an expat and based in Europe (whoop!) and started internet stalking her. And then realised we’re both connected to Serve the City – small world! Her instagram feed regularly makes me consider moving to Ireland. Click over there to read the rest of my post