Hannah and Ellie are my best friends from Uni. We met in dorms in first year and all lived together in second year (with three other girls). We tried really hard to find a weekend this summer when all three of us could get together but with busy schedules, one international move (Hannah), one national move (Ellie) and lots of holidays, it didn’t work out.

I got to see Ellie in June so this weekend Rasmus and I planned to drive the two and a half hours down to Bonn to visit Hannah and her husband Philipp. They had been in Glasgow the last year (we stayed in their flat on that Scotland trip but sadly they weren’t also there at the time) so it’s nice to have them within an easy drive again.

And I had another big reason to want to see them now, because they are expecting a BABY in October (it is exciting enough to require all caps) and although this has been known to me for many months already, I needed to see the big bump in person to really believe it šŸ™‚

We had a fun weekend together, taking lots of walks through the city, along the Rhine, up the hills and chatting non stop. Well, Hannah and I talked non stop and Philipp and Rasmus did their best to keep up with the constant stream of words. They treated us to a wonderful dinner on Saturday night (when our meals arrived I realised I was the only one who hadn’t ordered the venison with mushrooms and almost regretted it coz it looked so good but then I tried my duck in blackcurrant sauce and took it back) and made us a four-star-hotel-worthy brunch on Sunday.

So glad they are back within easy visiting distance. And more excited than anything to meet the wee one in a very short time…

p.s. Hannah – all the photos are here… love you!