Burger party

Last Thursday we had some friends round for dinner and we made beef burgers and chicken apple burgers for everyone. It was not the easiest of meals to bulk-cook but it was fun, and I got to try out a new bread recipe for the burger buns.

I used this recipe from Smitten Kitchen because I can usually rely on her recipes to work pretty perfectly. Of course, making bread with two rises in the recipe takes quite a bit of time but there’s not really good bread rolls in our local supermarket (good for sandwiches, not for burgers) so this was the best (and most fun!) option.

They turned out really well. I had to gently reshape them after the second rise because they’d kinda risen outward instead of upward, resulting in some flatish burger buns, but the reshaped batch worked much better. They were soft and just a little bit sweet, and worked really well with the burgers.

And isn’t there something so meditative about kneading dough? I would put the timer on for ten minutes to make sure I was doing it enough, and then stand and daydream while I pummelled the dough around. I really should make bread more often…

I didn’t get any pictures of the rest of the evening but it was a lot of fun. We served the burgers with caramelised onions, chilli tomato relish and a big pile of roasted vegetables. Dessert was chocolate fudge pudding, and bread & butter pudding… 🙂