Friday favourites: breakfast!

I’ve not always enjoyed breakfast. For years I would skip it because I didn’t generally feel hungry until about two hours after I woke up. Now though I am hungry as soon as I’m awake and am slipping down the stairs while Rasmus is still in the shower to see what there is to eat.

This morning it was a quarter of a cantelope melon, which we ate slurping the juice that ran down our chins. It was followed up with one of the luciabrød, leftover from Wednesday, and some orange juice. Simple but good.

Do you eat breakfast? I know lots of people skip it or just eat toast every day of their lives. But in the last year or so I’ve been a little inspired to make breakfast a bit more creative. We don’t eat the same thing every single day for dinner, so why would we do it for breakfast?

Now the daily choice nearly always includes yoghurt with nuts and dried fruit, or cereal, or some kind of bread I’ve made recently (the fruit bread I made at the weekend was perfect breakfast food), fruit (cantelopes, clementines, kiwis…) and maybe if I’m feeling energetic, eggs. And lazy weekend mornings provide even more scope for breakfast: pancakes! baked eggs! breakfast burritos!

So here on this rainy dreary Friday morning are some pretty pictures to inspire your breakfasts over the coming week…

Breakfast Inspiration


1. Martha Stewart’s bacon, egg and toast cups;  2. Tartelette’s parmesan roasted asparagus, tomatoes and eggs; 3. Daily Dream’s toast and jam; 4. Joy the Baker’s lemon raspberry breakfast rolls; 5. Ohdeedoh’s snowman pancakes; 6. Muesli, yoghurt and fruit (source unknown) via Bkfst; 7. Corrine E Rossi’s grapefruit and egg on toast.

p.s. if this has just wet your appetite for more, I found a great tumblr blog yesterday, just stuffed full of beautiful breakfast photos… click here to look