give & take

Rasmus has this strange dislike of me stealing his food. I am absolutely forbidden for helping myself to food from his plate and must always ask if I want a taste – without fork already poised over the meal.

Last night we went out for an impromptu dinner with a couple who are good friends of ours and we got talking about this rule and discovered they had it too. She would try and help herself; he forbid it. It led to both the men strongly defending their right to their own food and not having to share.

Then the starters arrived and by king prawns with fresh guacamole looked INCREDIBLE and tasted DELICIOUS. While Rasmus’ quesadilla’s looked slightly less appealing – a pile of thick cheese and tortilla. WHO suddenly was interested in my plate? And which loving wife let her husband have one of her three king prawns???

Then after four beautiful Argentinian steaks, dessert arrived. We had this delicious creamy moussey thing (I forget what it was called) and they had a somewhat average chocolate cake. And which gentleman suddenly was very keen that we should all share desserts?!