Let it snow!

Last week I berated my uncle for eating mince pies before December.

I blame this scrooge-like tendency on my parents who refuse to buy a Christmas tree more than five days before Christmas and are pulling down the decorations on 1st January (although mum continues to exhibit Duguid-tendencies by buying all presents in September).

I stand before you today (I know this is the internet – use your imagination) a reformed woman.

IT IS SNOWING!! And I am playing Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra Christmas songs in the office. On 24th November!!! With still just over a month until Christmas.

Danish Christmassy wonderfulness
Danish Christmassy wonderfulness

Well this weekend truly got me into the Christmas spirit, when I found myself on Saturday driving through the snow with three friends to a Danish Christmas Market in the forest to the south of Brussels.

This Danish cheese is not bad...
"This Danish cheese is not bad..."

Apart from discovering that the Danes consume a lot of herring and schnapps over Christmas (we were more than happy to join in the Schnapps-drinking!), I also was infected with the Christmas spirit and now can’t stop myself whistling “Hark the Herald Angels sing” while walking down the street…

Hark the herald... (Rasmus tries to pretend he doesnt know these crazy carol singers)
"Hark the herald..." (Rasmus tries to pretend he doesn't know these crazy carol singers)