Moving on (a somewhat big announcement)

Moving to London // Fiona Lynne

I left the UK right when I finished Uni, heading to Brussels for an internship that turned into a job and put me in the right place at the right time to meet the man who would become my husband. And then together we moved to Luxembourg three and a half years ago.

So I’ve been out of my home country for all of my adult years (because student years totally don’t count – we ate takeout pizza for a large percentage of our meals and tried to ignore the fact that this idyll of coffees with friends and walks on the beach and a few seriously procrastinated essays in between might one day come to an end).

But I’m about to move “home”.

You might remember, the company that Rasmus worked for closed the same month Kaya was born, making the whole team redundant. It was wonderfully perfect timing for us, honestly, and how many people get to say that about their first child being born to two unemployed parents? We recognise how ridonkuslously privileged we are.

Nearly one year later, I’m so happy to tell you he has accepted a new job that he is really excited and optimistic about. The kind of job that builds on all his experience and skills but will also be a good challenge.

And it’s in London.

So we are moving. The details of when and how are still a little unclear right now but we’re expecting to move all our things (minus the large pile we plan to sell/donate) out of Luxembourg the last weekend of July, which is scarily soon.

Here’s what I want you to know about this. I am so looking forward to living in London. It is an amazingly energetic city, and it will be an adventure. I am excited for the job opportunities. I’m excited to live in a country where I am fluent in the language. I am excited to be closer to my family (about two hours from my parents and sister!!!) I am excited by how multicultural it is and how much creativity there is, new things happening everywhere you look.

I’m also a tad overwhelmed to be moving again. Because I’ve done it enough to remember the first six months is pretty lonely and confusing. And because I have amazing friends here in Luxembourg that I hate to be leaving. And because not everything in Luxembourg feels “finished” for me, and I have to figure out how to let go. And because job applications are soul-sucking in every way but I really want a job. And because I grew up in rural Oxfordshire so there’s little about London that feels like “home” yet. (It will, I know it will).

We are sure that this is a good next move for our family. (I use the word “good”, not “right”, because I believe there are multiple paths we could choose that are good and the word right somehow makes me think there’s only one right path and then I start freaking out that maybe we picked the “wrong” one, when really, I’m not sure there’s ever really a wrong path when you remember you are Beloved and make your decisions from a place of love rather than a place of fear…)

So that is our big announcement. It is going to be a busy and heartbreaking and exciting and terrifying summer and autumn! I’ll be sharing some of the journey along the way. I’m so glad you’re along for the ride. x