my left arm feels like someone punched me reeeeeally hard.

I got my typhoid jab this morning from my lovely English doctor and have had that weird sensation ever since that I’ve been lying on my arm. You know that sinking feeling when you wake up lying on your front with both your arms underneath you and wonder how on earth you are ever going to get up without help?

I’m really sure it’s not just me.

Anyway, my arm kinda feels like that. Only sorer. Is that a word? Or should it be “more sore”?

I am coming here to whine and whinge because when I wandered downstairs to my lovely friend Clotilde’s office, she refused me any pity since this injection was due to my forthcoming trip to BANGLADESH.

She has a point.

But it is Friday afternoon and I am counting down the minutes (67) until I can leave and therefore am indulging my whining a little…