parcel of joy* (*books)

When I “left” my job in July (the internship at least, now I’m back on that scarily-adult-like permanent contract) my wonderful boss gave me an voucher.

Three months and a 10 euro tax charge later, I am the excited possesor of FIVE new books! The only difficult question now is what to start first… (the following are in size order – small to large – and are no way indicitive of their hold on my enthusiasm)

1. The Irrisistible Revolution: living life as an ordinary radical, by Shane Claiborne. Recommended by too many people to count. Joanna got given it by someone and then promptly moved out, dashing my hopes of easily borrowing it after she was done. So I just gave in and bought it. I like that the font is a kind of brown colour rather than the usual black. Already radical.

2. The Space Between Us, by Thrity Umrigar. This book has that whole ripped-page-edge effect which I also like. Why do people write “A Novel” on the front of books nowadays? About two women in India and (quoting from the blurb) “how the strong bonds of womanhood are etenrally opposed by the divisions of class and culture”. I take issue with the “eternally” part but still looks like a good book.

3. The Welsh Girl, by Peter Ho Davies. About a Welsh Girl and a German POW. Also, “A Novel”.

4. Emerging Churches, by Eddie Gibbs and Ryan K. Bolger. Because this subject is still so very new and fascinating to me.

5. Suprised By Hope, by N. T. Wright. Amazon kindly sent me a hardback copy of this book, even though I ordered a softback. I like hardbacks. I also imagine I will like this book. Someone I respect very much named this as his top book of the year. In about March. Which is confidence indeed.