right now.

Chai Latte

Drinking chai latte and watching the rain run down the windows.

Googling hiccup-cures and hoping the neighbours don’t hear me (I have loud, unladylike hiccups). Wondering if it’s a bad sign they haven’t gone away for half an hour.

Thinking about emailing a friend for their chiropractor’s name. My back has been aching since Easter.

Proud of myself for making an appointment with the notary today. Thinking I should figure out what a notary actually is before then.

Looking forward to a long weekend in the Scottish Highlands, visiting my Grandpa. Thrilled that both my uncle and my wonderful cousin are making the trip up too!

Planning a hen party, a wedding, a retreat and a baby shower. None of the above for money but am enjoying them none the less! Hoping they will get my name out there are someone trustworthy and creative.

Listening to Birdy and Lisa Hannigan and wishing I had a quirky interesting voice and fantastic musical skills.

Thinking about what to cook for dinner. Realising there’s not much in the fridge.

Researching accommodation in Helsinki and Tallinn for our July trip. Excited to be visiting two new countries this year! (Tips in the comments please 😉

Missing my little sister and wishing I could pop around for a chat and a long catch up.