Scottish Lunch

Scottish Lunch - Fiona Lynne

What do you do when you’re seven and a half months pregnant? Host a lunch for six of your favourite girlfriends and cook four courses…

Hmm. I might not recommend it as normal practise but it was a lot of fun, even if I could have slept for three days afterwards! I have this wonderful group of friends here in Luxembourg who all met kinda-by-accident one warm sunny day when I posted a suggestion to go for after work drinks on facebook, and most of the women who turned up hadn’t met each other before.

Well they’re all lovely so they got on really well. We started having these monthly lunches, where we take it in turns to cook a meal from our “home” country. So far we’ve been treated to Columbian, Mexican, Norwegian, Romanian, French, South African… this is a good group of women to know! These lunches have become a highlight of my month and I’m always gutted if I have to miss one (S.Africa – I’m looking at you).

May was my turn, and since there’s another English girl in the group, I said I’d host a Scottish lunch, in honour of my mother’s side of the family.

Scottish Lunch - Fiona Lynne

Scottish Lunch / Tattie Scones with Smoked Salmon - Fiona Lynne

Scottish Lunch / Haggis Filo Packages - Fiona Lynne

Scottish Lunch / Fiona Lynne

Scottish Lunch - Whisky Toffee Almond Tart / Fiona Lynne

Scottish Lunch - Cranachan / Fiona Lynne

Scottish Lunch

I love these lunches. It’s such a fun idea, if you have a group of international friends, or live in an expat context – or even if you just want to pick a cuisine out of a hat and try with some friends! Nothing says friendship quite like gathering around a big table with lovingly prepared food.

The Menu.

Oatcakes with Smoked Cheddar Cheese and Plum Chutney
Tattie Scones with Scottish Smoked Salmon & Sour Cream (recipe)

Leek and Potato Soup (recipe)

Haggis Filo Parcels (or Sausagemeat alternative!)
served with Neeps & Tatties, and Whisky Cream Sauce

Cranachan (recipe)
Whisky Toffee Almond Tart (recipe)

To drink:
Irn Bru
Glenfiddich 15yr Single Malt Whisky

All photos except the Cranachan, Tattie Scones and Tart were taken by my creative and talented friend Gabriela Pinaud (if you’re in Luxembourg or Paris you really need to hire her soon…).

/// UPDATE: Did you find your way here via Pinterest or Twitter? I don’t write about parties and recipes so often, but I do write about offering hospitality even if you’re the stranger, and old fashioned recipe swaps and about the best legacy you can leave being one of gathering people together. So maybe stick around for a bit? You’re so welcome here. ///