What is Heard in the Silence

Mirror - Fiona Lynne for She Loves

On the second night of my retreat, I freaked out.

I was in a beautiful converted farm on the top of the hill, looking out over the North Sea five miles to the east. I joined in the community rhythm of Celtic prayer four times a day and sat down with them for meals together at the big table.

I’d come here because I was eager for the quiet, for the stillness. Life has been incredibly full for the last few months—not in a bad way, but I was feeling the need to pause and simply draw breath, especially with the child in me demanding more space from my lungs each day.

But by the evening of day two I was trying to stifle the sobs erupting out of me in case the residents in the next room heard my embarrassing histrionics. All I wanted in that moment was to go home…


My monthly She Loves post went up yesterday, about my experience of going on retreat last month to a Celtic monastic community in Northumbria, and what I found there. I would love for you to join me over there (and stick around – these women are my tribe. I love their words).

And also, because I think it’s too important to stop talking about… my birthday challenge to raise €3000 to help bright young women in Uganda finish University is still going on. We’ve raised over €2250 already! I need just 25 people who’s be willing to give €30 on this my 30th birthday. Could you be one of them?

Image by Sarah Joslyn for She Loves Magazine