one for the men

It’s Rasmus’ birthday today. His comes ten days after mine, making April a fun month. He’s been travelling for work all week though so our evening is going to look laid back and stress-free, just some good food, good wine and good conversation.

I’m an event planner, so of course I love throwing parties. But take a look a most of the party websites out there and you’ll find them swamped with ladies tea parties, vintage-ey baby showers and dessert parties complete with matching bunting and lace tablecloths. Beautiful and creative, but not exactly male-friendly.

There are a few great ideas out there though and I got a bit carried away this afternoon chasing them all down, even creating a pinterest board for some of the best. Now all I need is for someone to hire me to throw a version of this party. It’d make a great 30th birthday party. Or add in some go-karting, paint-balling or golfing and you’ve got yourself an awesome stag do/bachelor party. Anyone?!

Ultimate Guys' Party

1) Awesome Meat sign from the Olympic Provisions kitchen;
2) Thrift store sourced outfits for a “Grumpy Old Men” party, styled by Jesi Haack on HTWM;
3) Almost every British man’s favourite: Curry and a beer, photo from the Oxford Times;
4) Personalised beer bottle labels, from a 30th birthday party, complete with beer tasting, styled by Liz on HWTM;
5) Williams & Sonoma monogrammed steak brand! Yes, this exists, and is clearly the best man toy for a bbq…
6) This beer print from Etsy seller a two pipe problem. Having lived in Belgium the last four years, we fully endorse this message;
7) The New York Times Magazine staged this “Men’s Tea Party” to fight back against all the girlie tea parties all over the web. What do you think?!
8 ) Aaah, whisky. My favourite, Laphroaig, is surely necessary for a classy finish to the party.
9) This photo is of the MiN New York old-style apothecary store. It might be the fashionable place to buy your hair products in Soho, but to me it looks like great place for a whisky and cigar…
10) My very own birthday man, enjoying a cigar at our wedding in 2009, photo by Andy Rous photographer;
11) Men like meat. Right? And this steak looks mouth-wateringly good. Photo by Noel Barnhurst, food photographer.