We’re doing our best to eat as much of the food in our cupboards as possible before we leave, so that we don’t have to store too much while we are gone. It’s been like a fun game – what can I make for dinner with beans, condensed milk and ginger?

Tonight I had three of my besties around for dinner (we were originally meant to fly out today so every extra day with them needs to be savoured 🙂 I made lasagne since we have piles of lasagne that I still only managed to use half of. There is something about making lasagne which is very therapeutic. The different stages, standing over the white sauce stirring until it thickens, and then building it all up methodically into its many layers.

I forgot to take out my camera until dessert though when Jenna reminded me that I should be blogging this… so here they are enjoying their pumpkin cream pie (recipe courtesy of Pioneer Woman).

Well they all look like they enjoyed it 🙂