Fiona Lynne Koefoed-Jespersen - writer, blogger and NGO leader. Seeking the sacred in the ordinary.

About me:

I’m a writer and mother living in London, UK. I’m married to a wonderful Danish man and we have two young children. I’ve spent many years living overseas (in the USA, Belgium, Luxembourg and South Africa) and I love our multi-cultural life.

I am a Spiritual Director, trained through the London Centre for Spiritual Direction. I am a pilgrim, and I love the sacred practice of walking on the earth. I also preach in my church, and lead retreats and quiet days.

My working life is in NGO Communications and Leadership. I currently work for Prison Fellowship. Previously, I worked in advocacy for development and relief NGOs in Brussels, before moving to Luxembourg in 2011 and founding Serve the City there. I am passionate about the importance and potential of NGOs, especially grassroots organisations, to impact change in their communities and the world.

In my spare time, I love getting out and exploring with my family, baking and cooking, growing vegetables in our little garden, and living within the natural cycles of the year.

Some of my most popular posts:

On Faith and Spiritual Practices

  • On tentatively trusting my desires
    • Maybe my worry that I’ll miss what God is calling me to, has caused me to miss one of his clearest signs of direction: my own desires.”
  • Learning to pray (again)
    • “The mantle of guilt I’d been wearing is being lifted from my shoulders, and instead I am being taught that prayer is a dance – a dance with the divine that spins and twirls me through my day.”
  • The Exhilarating Slippery Slope
    • “I’m learning how to lean into the questions. I haven’t found answers that satisfy for many of them yet. But that’s also OK. Because the truth about the slippery slope is, it’s kind of exhilarating.”

On Mothering and Miscarriage

  • Made in the Image (the thought that’s changing my parenting)
    • “I’d been approaching her as an unfinished creation, a project that God had started off but I needed to complete. Instead I was struck by this simple and profound realisation: she is already whole and perfectly formed.”
  • You didn’t fail at birth.
    • “I want to tell you something really important. I want to tell you that you don’t need to feel any shame over your births. You don’t need to feel guilty. You don’t need to be embarrassed. You didn’t fail at birth.”
  • The beautiful growth of Pregnancy
    • “I’m grateful for these long months to hold all my complex and mixed up emotions out in open wide hands, to allow Spirit to reach down and help me sort through everything with gentleness and grace.”
  • Shalom (on embracing the both-and)
    • “Wholeness looks like admitting I am both happy and struggling, that I am both full of faith and doubting everything.”

On Expat Life

  • Be Family to your Friends
    • “We become family to each other by just being a loyal presence in each others lives. And in an immigrant context that looks like going out of your way to welcome the stranger, remembering that it was once you.”
  • Finding the Magic in Moving
    • “If there’s one thing I’ve learnt from watching other friends journey through times of transition, it’s that the magic happens when you just lean into it, all of the mess and the uncertainty and the up-in-the-air.”
  • 8 Ways to Flourish as you Re-entry from Expat Life
    • “You will likely swing between many different emotional states – euphoria, boredom, frustration, relief, loneliness, excitement, grief. It’s normal and it’s ok.”

Connect with Me:

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