Yes, I am officially one year older and… wiser?

With great timing, I had taken the week off as holiday and gone on a long road trip to North Wales for the New Word Alive conference with a bunch of the other Care interns. Those of you have been to Spring Harvest or Word Alive before will remember the suffering that is endured by staying on site in one of the “luxury” chalets. So we looked for an alternative. Camping was suggested until is was recalled that April in North Wales is not exactly fun temperatures for camping. We ended up renting this beautiful house five miles from Phwlleli with amazing views over the ocean.

So my birthday was lovely. The interns through me a “surprise” birthday breakfast which ended up being not quite so surprising (thanks to me getting up earlier than expected after jen decided she wanted to be the first person to wish me happy birthday and so called at the crack of dawn…) but very lovely indeed complete with pancakes, croissants and huge amounts of cereal.

The rest of the week was great too. The speakers we heard included Jon Piper, Terry Virgo and Don Carson, who were all incredibly good. Although I may have to read through my notes about ten times more until I fully understand what they were talking about… Jon Piper especially said some really challenging stuff about suffering.

So now I am back to work again but with a fun week ahead: conference on child mortality tomorrow in the european parliament organised by the legend that is Glenys Kinnock MEP. Then a trip to the Opera on Wednesday night – I think something to do with Elizabeth I if I remember right.

Only one more year to go and I will have lived a quarter century. Which is a little scary. But then I won’t mention what age my dad just turned… 🙂