all in my head

I had a really scary experience on Friday lunchtime. I was shaken up enough to take most of the afternoon off work and need a good deal of comforting through the evening.

The thing is, it could have been so much worse. I didn’t come to any harm and I was able to get help really quickly. But the fear lingered on. Walking home from work early that afternoon I was constantly checking over my shoulder despite the absolute certainty I had that I would not see the same face again. Somehow though the path between the logical part of my brain the emotional part of my brain was not working effectively.

Saturday morning I got up early-ish and sat drinking espresso, eating the leftovers of the blackberry buttermilk cake and doing my homework for the bible study my frend Marissa and I are currently doing together (It’s a Beth Moore study on Esther and I’m really loving it so far). This morning, the study discussed one of the greatest tricks of the enemy – to get to us psychologically.

I imagine what could have happened, what might happen, the worst-case scenario, and I let fear dictate our actions. Beth wrote “the psalmist, David, knew what walking through the valley of the shadow of death was like and yet he pledged himself to fear no evil because he knew God was with him“.

Words I needed to hear.