Today is the first day of October. That kinda snuck up on me. Again. I don’t think I am ever really fully prepared for the next month!

But September was good. And I fitted so much in that I haven’t even told you about yet – like my spa day! Photos of ladies in towling robes looking very relaxed will follow soon.

There was that Brussels Beer festival.

I’ve been twice to Netherlands for work (just the ten minute walk through the canals to my meeting venue reminded me how much I love Amsterdam).

Our church had a leadership training day.

Rasmus and I discovered an awesome hidden Vietnamese place where they make hand-made noodles -so good.

I’ve had multiple lunches with wonderful friends (the bonus of working centrally).

I got to cuddle with a two day old baby girl.

I almost cried laughing at two of my English students flirting with each other – he a Georgian in his 60s and she an Armenian in her 50s. (I think they’d make a good couple – let the matchmaking begin!)

I also managed to fail on both my parent’s birthdays. Leaving my dad’s present on a train… it was last seen heading for Kidderminster. And then finally losing my position as favourite daughter (kidding, Jen! I’m still their fav…) by failing to get my act together and order my mum’s pressie in time. But the awesomeness of it will make up for the lateness I hope.

October is looking good.

Today the sun is shining brightly in that blueish way it looks in autumn. The leaves are starting to turn yellow and fall. And I get to wear my super stylish winter coat and my brand new boots (I brought TWO pairs last Friday – that almost never happens) and sunglasses and resist the temptation to skip…

Today also marks ten years that Rasmus has worked for his company. Which I think is quite a feat. He should get a plaque or something. At least a cool pen.

He’s off to Copenhagen today so I am taking advantage of his absence and I have a wonderful group of ladies coming round to watch Jane Austen films. We will revel together in the joy of cravats, horse-riding men, strong women and romantic endings.

Next week I get to tick off one of the 26 things – I’m going to Hungary for work for three days. And I’ve never been there before so that’s  number 17.

And on the last day of the month I finally get to meet my newest cousin-once-removed at her baptism (I think that’s the right relationship – daughter of my cousin?) and enjoy seeing the whole family again.

Then there’s this wee thing called a first wedding anniversary…

Yes, it will be a good month.