January 21, 2009

I am at the office late, hoping to catch some friends online to skype. And there is someone outside in the empty darkness that is the European Quarter after 7pm…

…playing the bagpipes.

it sounds entirely out of place but so very wonderful.

i miss scotland.

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  • Jen

    Haha I love it! Do you remember the guy who used to play outside M&S in oxford when we were little? x

  • Margaret

    Probably an early celebration of Burns Night – 25 January. This year marks 250th anniversary of his birth. Are you going to serve haggis on Sunday?

  • Margaret

    At the very least you should introduce R to Clootie Dumpling…

  • Helen D

    I totally forgot about Burns Night – have been down south too long…

  • Allie

    My haggis is sat waiting patiently in the fridge, and the turnip has been the veg rack even longer … bring on the 25th!

  • fionalynne

    I love that you can find bagpipes playing in almost every major shopping street in the south of England. But astonishingly I did actually give money to one of them in Oxford a few years ago. He had long hair that was almost in dreads and was playing so fast and enthusiastically in direct sunlight, violently stomping his doc-martin-ed feet, that he was literally dripping in sweat by the end. Yes I know, not a pleasant picture, but he was a damn good bagpipe player 🙂

    Ok. WHO KNOWS WHERE I CAN BUY HAGGIS IN BRUSSELS? There must be somewhere…

    p.s. Helen, I am shocked and appalled. Call yourself a Scot?! Tut.