big achievement

Today I had a big meeting at work. Huge. About 100 people. Mostly crazy experts and intimidating government officials. I knew there were a few issues I needed to keep on the agenda on behalf of the NGOs I work with, but walking into that room I felt about a foot tall. And since I have spent the week feeling very young again, I figured there was no-way-not-ever-not-even-with-a-gun-to-my-head I was going to say anything.

I said something! Ha!

It was about a two minute intervention about one of our big advocacy issues and my hands and my voice were shaking audibly the whole time and it definitely won’t change the world but it did get a good response from the chair person and opened up some interesting conversations over coffee later…

So I am currently on cloud 9*. Just wanted to tell you.

*it might also have something to do with the fact I am spending my whole evening baking for Thanksgiving tomorrow