broadening my music horizons…

We wake up to the radio most mornings now, ever since buying a Squeezebox which lets us listen to internet radio from the UK or Denmark. There’s something much nicer about actually understanding what you are listening too… although for the Danish radio stations that tends to mean me exclaiming “ooh, I know that word!” every few minutes.

Only two Danish classes left until October (they don’t trust us to actually come to class through the spring and summer – I don’t really blame them, Brussels is awesome in the sunshine) and I am still at the baby-language stage.

Example of a recent practise conversation:

Me: Jeg har ondt i mave (I have tummy ache – Danish speakers please kindly ignore any mistakes I am making!)

Him: Hvorfor? (Why?)

Me: Fordi… (because…) [searching for a reason I can actually say in Danish…] jeg spiste en ikke frisk fisk (I ate a not-fresh fish)

Him: [laughing] Hvorfor spiste du en ikke frisk fisk? (why did you eat a not-fresh fish?)

Me: [picking the first reason that comes into my head] Fordi jeg er en kat. (Because I am a cat)

Clearly I am ready for some scintillating conversation in Danish…

But that was not the point of this post. The point was that my exposure to Danish radio stations most mornings and often evenings has also introduced me to Danish bands and singers which is kinda fun. So I thought I would share a couple of my current favourites with you.

1. The Rumour Said Fire… I pretty much adore their song The Balcony. I could listen to it over and over and over. Which I sometimes do at work when I have their myspace page open…

2. Fallulah. She just released her first album I think and her song Bridges is horribly catchy and after hearing it three or four times on the radio I am now caught. This video is entirely bizarre and probably the cheapest video possible, but I am inspired by the idea of “dance and run” 🙂

3. Party i Provinsen by Hej Matematik is my new favourite “happy song”… somehow always makes me imagine dancing on a hot beach somewhere. Which right now in the spring-struggling-to-come weather we have is a nice thought!