If you know me at all, you know I like to bake.

Big understatement.

I LOVE to bake.

But I often find myself repeating the same or similar recipes. So to challenge myself a bit, I just joined this online community called the Daring Bakers. Don’t you love the name?

The idea is that at the beginning of the month you sign in and download the recipe for the month, and then can bake it any time during the month. On the 27th, all the members in the community post their photos of the recipe on their own blogs and link to it on the homepage…. 2000 versions of the same recipe!

It sounded fun and a way to try new recipes that I might not have got around to.

This month I downloaded the recipe when I got back from Denmark and have been waiting for a good moment to bake it. That moment was yesterday, and it went pretty well! But you’ll have to wait until 27th to find out what I made and see the pictures!

One clue, I did love that in a mostly American-member community, the first recipe I get to bake is a traditional British one, which most of the commenters from the States had not even heard of!

The worrying part is that this will only add to my monthly calorie intake. The answer? Make sure I bake on a night when I have four friends round for dinner! I had such a good evening eating and drinking and chatting and laughing.

I served up chicken and apple burgers with new potatoes and steamed veggies, and then the surprise dessert… complete with one candle to celebrate Christie’s brithday last week. And there is only a small portion of the surprise dessert left over: perfect for my Friday afternoon tea time!