day 19: read the paper

expat tips: buy a newspaper

When you arrive in a new country, your first tasks are generally figuring out your way around, registering, and trying not to make any major faux pas in the meantime. You might think it’s enough to remember the way to the post office and how to pay on the bus, let alone worry about public affairs.

But finding out the local, daily news, is not only useful, but can give you big insights into the values, the psyche and the priorities of this country you’re settling in.

And those newspapers and magazines can also be a fantastic source of information about what’s going on, the cultural festivals coming up, the theatre and film calendar, events being put on by local clubs. Try and find the most local publication possible – in the village I grew up in they send out a monthly newsletter printed on A4 paper, and even in a village so small it’s still amazing how much new information I’d discover each month.

And there’s the added bonus of practising your language skills too!

For those of you in Luxembourg, here are the ways I like to stay up to date:

  • Delano magazine – delivered 8 times a year to my door for a bargainous €25 (and they have a deal on right now!), this is a great magazine that covers local and expat news and events, and gives some insight into Luxembourg culture, politics and business for us non-locals.
  • City Mag. This paper in three languages has every.single.event coming up in the next month. So you are guaranteed not to miss a thing. Only €10 for a whole year of delivery so there’s no reason not to sign up.
  • – In English, German or French, this online paper is a fantastic source of information. I follow the English twitter feed to stay up to date with news from Luxembourg and further.
  • For cultural articles, Luxuriant and Bold magazine are good places to start.


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