day 23: say yes!

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Expat life is wonderful because it’s new, it’s different, it’s so often everything you’d define as “strange” back where you come from. Which is precisely why I love it so much!

So my tip for embracing expat life today is a short one: Say Yes.

Say yes to the unusual food, say yes to the cultural festivals, say yes to going to that bar, say yes to that day trip to the mountains, say yes to the invitation from your neighbours, say yes to sitting on the floor to eat, say yes to that party, that opportunity, that challenge.

Be open to all the possibilities that come your way in this time living in another country. Embracing expat life means living with arms wide open and a heart and mind that aren’t closed to new ideas and experiences.

Say yes.

The stories alone will be worth it…


This post is part of my 31 days to embrace expat life. I’m writing every day through October on this topic. Click on the button to see all the posts so far…

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