dear mum…

50 things I love about you

1. You let me distract you on skype at all hours of the day

2. You talk about your vegetables like they are your children

3. You get excited about what your worms are up to

4. You can be persuaded that a hat and bag are a good investment for a young lady

5. You always make me a favourite meal the night I come home

6. You take pity on me when packing results in me sobbing in a foetal position

7. You have an amazing library of historical novels

8. Your dessert and cake-baking skills are legendary

9. You share my ecstatic excitement at the prospect of visiting Lakeland

10.You are evangelical about good new recipes

11.Your tireless attempts to get Dad to eat a vegetarian meal

12.Your tireless attempts to get Dad to eat a curry

13.Your amazing ability to be completely undistractable when reading the newspaper

14.You let me fill in the easy crossword clues and pretend you hadn’t already guessed them

15.You get annoyed when someone has already completed the ‘mild’ su doku

16.Your silent-but-whole-body-vibrates laugh

17.You ensure I get my daily hug, and express concern that other people might not be doing the same when I’m away from home

18.You pretend to entertain my crazy idealistic ideas for overthrowing capitalism

19.You believe that women should be equal partners in church leadership

20.You do catwalks of all your new outfits

21.Your inability to hide your true opinion of my new outfits

22.Your willingness to be completely silly with Jen and I

23.Your corny cheesy taste in music

24.You actually enjoy doing people’s taxes

25.You charge your employees when they don’t use spell check on letters

26.You utilise all your networking skills on my behalf

27.Your love of accelerating very fast in your car

28.You continue to do what you know is right, even when it costs you greatly

29.Your perfume

30.Your commitment to St Peter’s church over 20 years

31.You see the vital importance of local church involved in local community

32.Your longing for a new dog

33.Your über protectiveness over Jen and I anytime a man treats us badly

34.Your annoying habit of trying to find a solution to a problem rather than letting me whine about it a bit longer

35.You read my blog even when no one else except Dad does

36.You are willing to visit your aging and sometimes difficult mother-in-law on your biggest birthday, to make her happy

37.You put “a home baked cake” and “a chatter to my girls” on your birthday present wishlist

38.You time how long you can keep Grandpa talking on the phone each Sunday

39.Your aim to one day finally finish the quilt you started in college

40.You calmly answer every panicked cooking question I skype you

41.You place great importance on extended family and getting together

42.You still love Dad despite his numerous weird hobbies (bat conservation, aunt sally tournaments, pantomimes…)

43.You taught me the meaning and value of hospitality and being generous with whatever you have been given

44.You have always let Jen and I choose our own paths and supported the decisions we’ve made

45.You let Jen and I turn straight to the actors’ photos page when we go to the theatre and then give us your opinions

46.Your patience

47.Your sincere attempts to be sympathetic when we are ill

48.You once drove over 400 miles through the night because I desperately needed my mum

49.You inspire me to be a better person

50.You love God with all your heart and strive to live a life that will glorify him every day

Lots of love on this big birthday,

Sorry I’m not there to give you a big hug or bring you breakfast in bed

But I think you are truly amazing.

Fizz xxx