Rasmus and I decided some time ago that as soon as we were home again from America, we needed to break some bad eating habits that had been forming. We have a pattern (maybe you’re familiar with it too?) of having a wave of enthusiasm for healthy eating which slowly becomes less and less healthy as the beers, cheese, desserts creep back in and the exercise creeps back in.

So we’ve decided to detox. Not the mega extreme kind where you only drink spinach juice and eat prunes. We’re allowing ourselves all fruit and veg, meat, fish, pulses, grains, nuts, natural yoghurt, eggs… I think that’s about it. So we can eat lots of good stuff!

We’re cutting out wheat (pasta, bread, pastry…), rice, dairy (except yoghurt), caffeine, alcohol, and trying to avoid regular potatoes.

The idea (which we got from a booklet called Nutritional Responsibility) is to break bad habits and cravings for food which are not so good for us in large amounts, and also to check for food intolerances. We follow this diet for one month and then we can reintroduce some of the forbidden foods but in appropriate quantities, and maybe skipping some completely.

Do you think we’re crazy?! Today was day two. Well, day one really because we tried to start yesterday but then went out for dinner with friends to a tapas restaurant and that included quite a lot of potatoes and red wine. Hmm. But today we managed to stick to the diet all day, even when we were out at a church day ¬†with potluck food, which means lots of pastry, lots of pasta salads and lots of yummy desserts! I was so strong but I actually almost cried when I saw brownies amongst the dessert offerings and couldn’t have one!

But I am also excited about this, I think it will be good for us to get used to a healthier diet, especially getting used to doing breakfast and lunch without relying on eating so much bread. Anyone have good breakfast ideas that fit our diet? We’ve been eating various forms of scrambled eggs this weekend.

Of course, we need to get the exercise regime going again now that we’re back too. But I still have a cough that makes me sound like a forty-a-day smoker, and Rasmus seems to be getting more sick rather than less sick. So maybe the runs will wait another few days…