One of the lovliest things about being married is having an instant whole new big family to be part of. You hear so many scare stories about crazy mother-in-laws but I have been amazingly lucky with my new in-laws. They are such a great family! (They are nice enough that my parents chose to spend their summer holiday with them).

Here’s a wee photo of us all (yes, my eyes are squinty-looking) which I stole from Rasmus’ cousin Jesper’s website. This was taken at Mormor’s 90th birthday. Photos were taken of every possible family grouping and this is one of all of us.

So we have (from the right): Rasmus and I (you should recognise us by now), BIL, FIL, BIL, Mormor, nephew, MIL, SIL, SIL’s husband.

Can I also just say how cool it is to have brothers. Mum and dad never came through for me on that request but 20 years later I got three, not just one. Yey!

Also. I love generation photos – 90 years of family in one photo is impressive.

(What is the correct term for your sister-in-law’s husband? Does he also count as a BIL? Coz that would be a lot less wordy)