Finding your way around

Good morning! A quick post to help you find your way around my new space here.

  • If you used to follow my blog in your reader, you’ll need to update your feed. If you click on the little RSS button over there on the right (between the facebook and twitter buttons), it’ll take you to a page with my new feed and options for adding it to your reader of choice.
  • I know some of you signed up to receive new blog posts by email. You can still do that – click on the link in the sidebar in the “keeping in touch” section and it’ll take you to a form to fill in to do just that.
  • Are you on facebook? I created a facebook fan page for my blog! So if you’re on facebook, click “like” on the page, and you’ll get an update every time I post new content on the blog. Click the little “f” button on the right to go to the page.
  • Do you tweet? I joined twitter just a few months ago and, dare I say it, I think I prefer it to facebook! I was hugely sceptical at first but now I love it. To follow me, click the little “t” button in the sidebar. (Basically everything good is in the sidebar)
  • I’ve imported a lot of my old content and all the comments to this new site, but some of the links are out of date. I’m working through them to get everything working, but if you find one that is broken, will you let me know?
  • And finally, I created these little category buttons down there on the right, so if you’re wanting to see what I’ve written on a particular subject you can use those. Or if there’s a particular blog post you’re looking for, the search bar is your best bet.

Thank you for all your sweet comments on the new blog. I am so happy you followed me here!