Friday afternoon

Just a few hours until the weekend. Are you eager for it to be here?

The sun is shining through the window today. It has been half blinding me all day but I am happy to squint down at my work because the light makes me feel lighter.

Soon I am going out to a friend’s house for coffee (and hopefully snuggles with her cute-as-pie little girl). Then later tonight Rasmus and I are meeting other friends to go to the Luxembourg Philharmonic to see the orchestra play a live soundtrack to Charlie Chaplin’s wonderful film, City Lights.

And then on to the weekend. We bought a new (to us) car last week and so we’re hoping for some good weather to take it out for a drive. Maybe to Trier or Metz. Or maybe just get lost in Luxembourg’s country lanes.

Today I ordered business cards and this feels like a big step forward in having my own functioning business. Someone asked for one on Wednesday and I had nothing to give so I pressed “buy” today and they’ll be here on Wednesday. This business adventure is both exciting and paralysing but as I said to Rasmus earlier this week, “I think my life will be lived in little steps”. And so I move forward.

Have a wonderful weekend, friends. I am so glad you hang around this space! See you on Monday…