friday favourites

fiona lynne cake
pieces of cake this big make a woman happy…

There is so so much goodness out there on the internet that it can be overwhelming! There’s also a lot of rubbish of course, so here’s my friday contribution to helping to scale it all down to those you-just-can’t-afford-not-to-read-this pieces. These are pieces that have made me think, laugh, cry, pray, whisper amen a few times, and want to hug the nearest person.

And I’d love any recommendations you have – what have you read or watched this week that impacted you?

These are our bodies broken for you, by Enuma Okoro for SheLoves Magazine.
“I have always imagined that our bodies are divinely infused to be temples of proclamation, whose visible and invisible marks, scars, and wounds can speak forth life-giving stories of grace, healing, and prayer for ourselves and others…”

In which I think we should do it anyway, by Sarah Bessey
This is for you if you’re losing energy and vision this week: “Bother them all by creating, by making, by building, by loving, by writing, by having babies, by doing the daily work of life with joy…”

Sometimes I don’t want to be brave, by Kristen at We are THAT family
“Sometimes I don’t want to be brave. But even more, I don’t want to be afraid…” (This is worth reading just for the unbelievably cute baby giggling – who can resist a fat giggling baby?!)

The game that can give you ten extra years of life, a Ted talk by Jane McGonigal
This is worth the 19:31 minutes it will take you to listen to her. She is fantastic. And I need to figure out how to copy her eye make up…

Snow, a new single by Ben and the Sea
My super talented friend Ben has just released a new single with his band Ben and the Sea. And it’s available FREE for a limited time from Noisetrade.

Sprouted Kitchen is my new favourite food blog. On the menu for the next two evenings are her Roasted Zucchini, black bean and goats cheese enchiladas and her Ratatouille Barley salad. (lucky husband and visiting parents!)

Why I love Marilynne Robinson, by Mark O’Connell for the New Yorker
“There’s little talk about sin or damnation in her writing, but a lot about forgiveness and tolerance and kindness. Hers is the sort of Christianity, I suppose, that Christ could probably get behind…” I have mentioned multiple times how much I adore Marilynne Robinson as a writer, and this article from the New Yorker gives another glimpse into why.

Have a happy and restful weekend!