friday favourites #6

Oddly, I have found myself thinking about Christmas already this week. I think it’s because when we said goodbye to my family on Sunday afternoon, it was “see you at Christmas!” Our families live a long way apart so we’ve been alternating Christmasses and Easters with them, and this Christmas we’ll be in Oxfordshire with my family. So the last few days since seeing them all, I’ve been imagining what food we’ll cook, what presents to buy, how to decorate the dinner table, the family traditions to remember…

Oh, and also what I want for Christmas 🙂 It’s never too early to start your wishlist, right?

So this week, some of my favourites (and you’re all more than welcome to buy them for me as Christmas presents!):

  1. Punjammies! These beautiful pyjamas are made in an after-care facility for women who have been rescued, released or escaped from a life of forced prostitution. They’re good value and you know that by buying and wearing them, you are helping give hope to a woman who so very much needs some.
  2. I love the grey and pink pattern of this Donna Wilson blanket. This one is probably also inspired by the fact our boiler has been broken for the last few weeks, creating a very cold apartment. Another blanket to snuggle in would be so welcome!
  3. I would love these reusable fabric decals for labeling your food jars from Love Mae. How much cuter would our kitchen look with these! She also has lots of fun decals for children’s rooms if you have kids bedrooms to decorate.
  4. This “We can move mountains” printed tote bag from Yoke is both gorgeous and inspirational. What more do you need for all your shopping trips?
  5. These earrings from Stray Dog Designs are actually Christmassy without being twee. I love them, so if someone wants to spend that much on a pair of earrings for me…