Friday favourites: Hospital survival guide for Grandpa

My Grandpa is going in to hospital for a hip operation on Monday. All of his twelve grandchildren live far away from him (he lives up in the middle of the Scottish Highlands!) but we’re planning to bombard him with cards and letters and small gifts to remind him that we love him and are praying for him.

I was thinking of what I could send him that he would appreciate (he’s a dignified old Scottish gentleman who hates having a fuss made over him!) and decided I’d make this week’s Friday Favourites post all about him. So here’s my favourite things to send to Grandpa to wish him “Get Well Soon!”…

  • The days are drawing in and Scotland’s not known for being exactly warm (and my Grandpa not known for wasting money on heating) so a Liberty hot water bottle may be needed!
  • Long recoveries can be boring, even with three of your four offspring visiting to cook you meals and make sure the garden doesn’t get too overgrown. A new crime novel, his favourite musical and a sudoku cube should keep Grandpa amused for a few hours.
  • All the children’s books about hospital visits that I read when I was little promised ice cream after whatever procedure was being undergone. Mackies honeycomb ice cream is the BEST ice cream in the whole wide world, and is always on offer at Grandpa’s house, so we’ll make sure the freezer is well stocked.
  • And yes, I know alcohol and pain meds are not necessarily a great combination, but you can’t take Scotland out of the man. A dram of Macallan 12 year single malt should speed the recovery…!