Friday favourites: things to send in the post

I have an immense love of handwritten letters, cards and postcards. As grateful as I am, especially now, for all the many instant ways I have to connect with friends and family, there is just nothing quite like the feeling of opening the postbox and discovering between the bills and flyers for pizza delivery, a small stiff envelope with my name scrawled in pen across the front. The joy that rises inside me in that moment is one of the greatest everyday highs!

Usually I don’t make it up the three floors to our front door before the letter is out of its envelope to discover who is the wonderful person to have take the time to send something. Because this is why it is so special: someone cared enough about me to find a piece of paper or card to write on, sit down and write something funny or encouraging, find an envelope, look up the address, check again how to spell my surname, find a stamp and then make the trip to the post box.

That’s why every handwritten envelope that appears in my postbox holds more significance than its size and weight would suggest. And why I also love nothing better than sitting down with a cup of coffee and taking the time to write to someone I care about. Because I like to imagine that the smile on their face when they come home to the letter lying on the door mat is about as big as mine is when I slide it into the postbox at my end.

My friend Ellie is making one of her new years resolutions to write more handwritten letters. So this week’s Friday favourites is for her: here are some of my favourite ideas for things to send in the post!

Ideas to send in the Post

1. Send a bouquet of balloons to someone you love! Victoria at a subtle revelry came up with this idea to write your message onto balloons, then send them (without blowing them up first!) in an envelope. They’ll get a lovely surprise when they open the letter and blow them up. And who doesn’t love balloons?

2. Tea bags! (Or loose-leaf if your friend is a tea-snob…) This is something I have done a few times before. Find tea bags that are individually wrapped – there was a tea shop opposite the building I used to work in that sold individual Kusmi tea bags. They are perfect for slipping into an envelope with your letter, and the recipient gets to have a lovely cup of tea while reading all your news!

3. Recipes. This is another favourite of mine if I am writing to a friend who I know likes to cook or bake. Buy some recipe cards like these gorgeous ones from the Rifle Paper Company, and slip one in to the envelope with you most recent favourite recipe… gingersnaps anyone?

4. Cute notecards are of course a basic necessity. I am a little in love with these typewriter parrot notecards from Quill and Fox (which I recently discovered is owned by a friend of a friend… small world!)

5. Confetti!!! Yes it may make a bit of a mess, but how much fun! You can easily make your own of course but I found this confetti┬áby etsy seller The Lonely Heart, made from the text of Pride and Prejudice which I find just a little exciting…

Do you have any good ideas for things to send in the post?


p.s. Happy Epiphany everyone! May your day be filled with wise and divine revelations.