frozen yoghurt

We ate frozen yoghurt more than once on our US trip. Possibly because they seem to have as many frozen yoghurt places as they do Starbucks, which is quite an impressive feat. Possibly because it’s just so good and they have those little mochi balls to go on top which are yum.

The wonderful woman who first took us out for frozen yoghurt was my forever friend Amy. She’s that because this time we went a whole four years separated by the big ocean before this trip finally provided us a way to see each other again. And yet it was like about a month had passed.

Amy and I met at St Andrews uni when she was on a semester exchange – she was only there about four months. We met on the first day of class, discovered we were in two out of three classes together and became firm friends within about half an hour. She will always have a special place in my heart because of the role she had in my life at that time. I was recovering from a broken heart and her grace and warmth and overflowing love of God radically speeded up that whole healing process for me. It’s hard to explain but she has had a huge influence on my faith walk.

So what an immense joy to finally be able to see her again! The last few years, every Christmas card has said something like “I really hope that this year we’ll get to meet up”. And finally we could.

Amy works for YWAM LA so we stayed in the guest accommodation at their base and got to meet a lot of her colleagues, and join in their Monday morning worship gathering which was also a real blessing to be a part of. And she also took us out for dinner at The Cheesecake Factory where we had an awesome concoction of cheesecake with a frighteningly high calorie count 🙂

In fact she stuffed us the whole time, also taking us out for breakfast before church, with eggs, potatoes, sausage, cake… No wonder the stepped-up exercise regime and meatless month now we’re back 🙂

But we still enjoyed the frozen yoghurt…!