When God is a handful of stickers

When God is a Handful of Stickers // She Loves Magazine

My She Loves post this month went live last Tuesday, but I was dealing with an increasingly painful back that has had me sofa-bound and relying on help from family and friends and babysitters to do even the most basic things like lift my six month old from the floor to my lap. I wrote about the little things that feel like big things when they are given with kindness in the moment you most need them. And I’ve received a lot of them this week.

“The London Underground is unlikely to be a very easy place to work. You’re dealing with frustrated commuters made late for their meeting by yet another train breakdown, or clueless tourists who want to get to Buckingham Palace, but don’t speak a word of English to help them get there.

And yet this woman gets up in the morning, puts on those ugly-looking standard shoes and then pops a handful of stickers in her jacket pocket. Just in case.

Just in case she meets a family like ours, where an overwhelmed Mama or Daddy needs the distraction of a pink dinosaur sticker to help them get through this moment…”


Read the rest of my She Loves post over there. That day, I saw God in a handful of stickers. The next day, it was the woman who gave my little girl a strawberry from her fruit salad after she’d bumped her head on the pushchair. This week it’s been multiple people who have fetched me ice packs and glasses of water and reminded me to take my pills, friends who have fed my baby, entertained my daughter, and done the washing up without asking.

Give me eyes to see you. It is becoming the prayer of my life. Where have you seen God show up in unexpected places or people recently?