green fingers

Also on my list of 26 things is the ambitious “grow something that we can eat” goal.

Well, despite great efforts on my part, frequent talking to the plants to encourage them to grow and the purchase of a very cool hot pink watering can, the entire summer was a huge failure of epic proportions on the green front.

The tomatoes failed. The basil failed. The radishes failed. The lavender failed. The cherry tomatoes failed. The mint failed.

Clearly the tweny minutes of sunlight they could get in our flat and the ability of our flat to stay 2 or 3 degrees cooler than outside temperatures was not the optimal conditions for growing a glut of fresh vegetables and herbs.

And clearly I have not inhereted my parents’ green fingers.


To my delight and joy my chilli plants grew strong and green and the day they started flowering I literally danced and skipped and almost cried – much to the amusement of Rasmus.

And one of those precious flowers actually defied the horrible growing conditions and produced this one chilli…

THIS. This is the results of many hours of hard work and many prayers said over all my plants. This one chilli.

We are going to greatly appreciate eating it…