Guest post: What is Brave?

be you bravely


what is brave.

what is brave…

brave is not avoiding
– well, brave is avoiding a little and then getting back into the saddle after a good cry.

brave is leaving.
packing your life into a car and driving 2,000 miles to a foreign land
named wisconsin.

brave is loving friends around the world,
knowing your heart will always be torn and incomplete.

brave is letting yourself feel, without criticism.

brave is doing hot yoga.

brave is crying.
really crying.
brave is letting others see you cry.
brave is knowing you’re not alone even if others don’t see you cry.

brave is telling the difference between feeling lonely and being alone.

brave is making new friends as an adult.

brave is praying.
brave is calling on God to help you.
brave is telling God when you’re mad.

brave is difficult.
it is really, really hard.


Marissa NewmanMarissa Newman works for Intervarsity Ministries in the US. She and I met when I studied abroad in California and it’s been so good to be able to keep in touch since then. She’s just started a new job with Intervarsity that took her from California to Wisconsin – a move that certainly required some bravery. You can follow her adventures at her new blog.

This is part of my guest post series on What brave looks like for me. You can read previous posts here, in my Bravery Files.

(Picture source: Pinterest)