We’ve been back in Brussels a full 24 hours, most of which I have spent either in bed or on the sofa. If we’re friends on facebook, you might have heard that on the second day of our trip to New York, that four day holiday I have been planning for, oh, about four months, I got sick.

But I was in New York! So I refused to be sick. I told my body it was wrong and I was defying it. And each morning I medicated up and we went out exploring. And every day around 4pm I had to be half-carried back to our adorable Harlem guesthouse to sleep for a couple of hours before re-medicating and heading out for more night time adventures.

Because, people, it was New York.

Which is officially the coolest, most creative, most stylish, most quirky, most amazing city I have ever been in.

And before New York, we were also in Washington DC, Norfolk VA, we went kayaking in San Diego, visited an aircraft carrier, and hiked up the mountain behind our house.

Clearly I have a lot to catch you all up on from the last twenty days, but it may have to wait another day, because I am giving in to the flu fight, and curling up with cough drops and lots of fluids (including Schnapps by order of Rasmus) to watch chick-flicks and period costume dramas – the ultimate prescription when you are feeling poorly.

(picture sneakily taken by Rasmus on the Staten Island Ferry as I took a break from the excitement of being in NEW YORK to feel exhausted…)