hurrah for national holidays

Yesterday was a Belgium bank holiday to remember those who have died in war. Of course all the Parliament and Commission staff still had to work, out of political correctness. So maybe I should have stayed in work, interacted with the EC staff on important development and relief issues.

Bothered. I was taking the day off.

And what a day it was. I just had a very busy week and weekend, and I am working next weekend, so the luxury of having a whole day off mid-week was immense!

I started off by sleeping in very late. Waking up to wall-to-wall sunshine when the forecast had been for heavy rain was wonderfully satisfying (although the rain came later).

Met two incredible women for lunch in on of my favourite cafes, Arcadi, in the Galleries St Hubert. One Kriek, Tatre au Chocolat, and Chocolat Chaud au Maison later I was feeling full and satisfied. And we had managed very easily to spend two hours gassing and laughing as other customers came and went.

Jodi and I wandered arm in arm (per her request to be more English) down to Waterstones, which is a rare indulgence for me. A loooooong time was spent in there, browsing new titles, reading blurbs and getting over excited at the new-book smell. I didn’t buy anything. Waterstones is clearly not very aware of the current exchange rate. £5 does not = €10. No it does not.

We then wandered past the cinema, and seeing that there was a chick flick on in just twenty minutes, we took it as a divine sign, and bought out tickets. The Accidental Husband was a suitably bad film which we greatly enjoyed.

And the evening was rounded of with baked camembert and red wine. What could be better than that?!