i am thankful today

for friends.

Friends who you will let you come and sleep on their floor in Rotterdam for the night even though you haven’t seen them in four years; who will chat and laugh over a bottle of rose wine into the wee hours, and give you tips on how to stop the cat trying to sleep in your bed when you finally go to sleep.

New friends, who open up their circle to include you in the conversation, memory-sharing, zulu singing and joking. Old friends who inspire you because their passion to change their world has not lessened even slightly in four years.


Friends who let you hang out with them on their night-time city walk and then buy you hot milk with chocolate spoons and rum, when you’re feeling down.

Family, who are the best friends, and don’t mind you waking them up in the morning or interrupting their busy work schedule, to cry on their shoulder and squeeze some awesome words of wisdom out of them.


These women make my life more colourful.