Last year we didn’t get a Christmas tree for our flat. I don’t quite remember why but I think it was part laziness, part lack of time, part knowing we’d see plenty Christmas trees in Scotland/Denmark.

This year then, was our first buying a tree together for our apartment. I demanded we got one early enough in December that we could enjoy it before we leave this weekend for two weeks in Denmark. So on the 4th we bought lights, baubles and then finally as the sun was setting (ok, so about 3pm) we headed for ikea where we had heard they were already selling real trees. None of this fake plastic stuff for me!

So please take a moment to imagine this romantic moment with me… our first Christmas tree! We’ve made it through the chaos of ikea in December, bought some pillowcases but resisted the draw of the kitchen utensils and candles. I was giddy like a five year old, pulling out tree after tree, “what about this one? no, that’s not bushy enough, no, too thin, too many branches at the top, that one’s lop-sided…” at which point I think I may have heard a small sigh of exasperation escape Rasmus’ mouth as he said “Fiona. They are all exactly the same.” So, considering my marital bliss to be under threat, I promptly picked one and let Rasmus carry it to the car (what?! it was all sticky and pointy and things…)

The evening was a flurry of decorating activity. On my part anyway. Rasmus sat and drank champagne (see point #13) and ate pringles and watched me have fun. And got out the ladder when I needed giant baubles to be hung from the ceiling…

Anyway, the point of this post was only meant to be to post a photo of the wee tree in all it’s gold and silver glory (I know I know, gold and silver? but it looks good, honest) because my mother in law has requested one. So without further ado…


Forgive the lack of presents under the tree… I hadn’t finished wrapping them all yet.