My first morning on my flying visit to Copenhagen ten days ago was spent sleeping in. I awoke at a very leisurely hour to a text from Rasmus who had left on a train to Sweden much earlier, telling me to avoid the hotel breakfast coz it wasn’t worth the money.

Always listening to what he tells me, I went out in search of a good brunch place. I remembered one from when we were last in Copenhagen which had the biggest plate of deliciousness I have had for breakfast. But it’s kinda of a “go with friends” place so I wasn’t sure I wanted to go there.

Wandering down Strøget, I came across a bakery called Lagkagehuset and was unable to walk any further because of what I saw there…

I swear I’m getting fatter just looking at these photos đŸ™‚

Going on the Christmas wish list this year: Danish pastries & cake recipe book!