last weekend

…we had a mini family reunion in Brussels. I was in London anyway staying with Joanna, out of whose room I sneaked at a horribly early hour in the morning, to get two trains (and a very strong coffee) to meet dad, mum and Jen at Redhill station, dad’s old stomping ground.

Thornton ladies together again

I think it’s the first time in years we’ve gone on a family roadtrip somewhere together. I’d like to officially report that Dad was very well behaved, with almost no grumblings or swearing at the crazy French and Belgian drivers…

Unfortunately Jen was sick all weekend (you better still be resting chica). Luckily mum was only too happy to spend her Saturday afternoon reading an incredibly thick historical novel (I know who I got that from) in my warm flat, so Dad and I took advantage of the unforecast sunny afternoon and headed off to the Basilica.

Brussels Basilica

It’s the fourth largest church in Europe but you have probably never heard of it. I hadn’t. It was only started around the 1930s and finally finished and consecrated in 1969. It is HUMONGOUS (we still had a ten minute walk to get to it from this photo point) and so very impressive but not like any other cathedral I have been too – lots of big slabs of marble and bulky-ness everywhere. But somehow I still liked it.

Dad and I

On this cold and very windy afternoon we were the only ones wanting to go up to the top. But the view was incredible. I could have put many more photos up here, but thought you might get bored. However, if you come and visit on a sunny day, we are making this trip because it is so very worth it.

This is also the first time Dad has ever done this kind of photo where you hold the camera over your head – pretty impressive for a first go.

Well I miss them all again already. But I was not left empty-handed. The “small” list I had given them of things to bring managed to fill the boot of the car, but I now am in possession of Nan’s old food mixer and the old-fashioned scales and weights I remember her teaching me to bake on, as well as mum’s sewing machine (on long-term loan until she retires and finally finishes the quilt she started in college).

And they also sneaked me out the slippers from their posh hotel so my feet will stay warm through the winter…