Last weekend we made a light to go over our dining room table.

Please understand that the word “we” is relative. Rasmus did all of the making. My role was more design advice, giving project go-ahead and jumping up and down and squealing when it was done.

Isn’t it awesome?

We were inspired by a lot of different lights and lamps that we saw in magazines made with these really big light bulbs, and decided we could come up with our own far far cheaper than we could buy one. So we found the lightbulbs in a wee shop on Bornholm and the red cord too, and then Rasmus used all his electrical skills to put it all together.

I am pretty much thrilled.

It looks super cool in our flat and brings much needed light to the dining table. Rasmus joked he should make a website and start selling them and I think it would work! We could offer them in all different colours…

Here’s one more photo from further away:

(please pretend the dishwasher is closed and hiding our dirty plates…)