lost my baking mojo

I have had two baking disasters this week.

Ok, “disaster” is perhaps a tad over the top. But they were neither great successes.

The first was a nectarine sponge pudding. I caramalised the nectarines first. And actually the lack of success here wa not really my fault. I put it in the oven to cook for 4o minutes on low temp but unfortunately a friend was using my tempremental oven for the first time to cook the main course and in the panic of trying to stop everything boiling over managed to trun the oven up very high without me realising. The result was a pudding beautiful black on the top but still stodgy in the middle.

I refused to serve it up. But actually it tasted not too bad and I had it for breakfast the last few days coz I forgot to buy cereal at the store last weekend. And considering how happy I would be to eat all the cake batter without first cooking it, I didn’t min the stodginess at all.

Ok so the second is more my fault. I was making a coffee cake and didn’t have Self Raising flour so in my great wisdom decided to just guess add some baking powder to the plain flour. Clearly I got the quantities entirely wrong because it has completely collapsed in the oven. Still, it smells good. So although I will not be serving it up to the friends coming round this aftenoon, it wll make a good breakfast for the next few days… 🙂