marching on

It’s the beginning of another month already which is kinda astonishing to me. I’m still getting used to writing 2011 on everything.

A woman I adore pointed out today the (obvious) fact that March is also a verb (May is too but it’s a weak indecisive verb so it doesn’t count). Somehow it feels very appropriate. I’m a little worn out from all the darkness and cold of the winter, but signs of Spring are slowly appearing, the sun weakly forced its way through the clouds this morning to greet us when we walked outside. And plans that have long been just dreams are unfolding and doors long closed are cracking open.

It feels like a good time to start marching 🙂

We closed out the last month with a Rue Royale concert last night. (edit: I just realised today is the 2nd, not the 1st. Seriously, where are the days going?! So I guess we opened the month with Rue Royale. They were still great!) My friend Marissa had invited them for a concert to raise money for the student service trip to Bulgaria she is leading in April.

I’ve seen Rue Royale once before in Brussels about two and a half years ago and fell in love with their music. Being a poor intern at the time I didn’t buy a CD and have been limited to listening on their myspace page since then. But last night I cadged €20 from Rasmus and bought both their debut album and their newly released album Guide to an Escape.

The concert was fantastic. Every other song I was turning around to Rasmus and saying “this one is my favourite! no, this one is my favourite!” I came out feeling refreshed and encouraged which is perhaps a strange thing to say about a concert but the music is just staggeringly beautiful.

It was a good end to February, and the sunshine this morning was a good start to March! I think it’s going to be a good month. I have a pancake party, two concerts (KT Tunstall and Tina Dico), a friend visiting this week (hopefully he comes bearing snaps!), a tea party to raise money for a sewing school in Malawi, my favourite sister’s birthday, and a long weekend trip to the Scottish Highlands to visit my Grandpa (we managed a full one minute and nineteen seconds phone conversation when I called to tell him we wanted to come…).

So let’s get marching… 🙂